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MICAT – How to Crack the MICAT Exam

MICAT - How to Crack the MICAT Exam


MICAT is an entrance exam for candidates who wish to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Communication (PGDM-C) from Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmadabad (MICA). It is a unique online entrance test that has both subjective and objective questions. Hence it needs preparation that is different from other PGDM entrance exams like CAT, XAT etc.

Important Dates

These are tentative dates for MICAT examination:

Registration opens26 November 2022
Registration closes20 January 2023
Admit card issuance27 January 2023
Exam date30 January 2023

MICAT Overall Preparation Strategy

Let us now see the MICAT exam pattern. MICAT exam is divided into three sections- A, B, C which covers the following topics:

• Section A: Psychometric evaluation

• Section B: This section contains questions from 4 topics: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, General Awareness, Verbal Ability and Divergent and Convergent thinking

• Section C: This is the subjective portion which usually comprises descriptive questions which are similar to creative writing

Here are a few strategic steps that you can follow for the overall preparation:

• You can start by identifying your strength and your weaknesses in terms of course topics. Analyse the course for MICAT entrance exam and structure it according to the topics that you know well and the ones you do not know at all.

• For the topics that are new to you or the ones that you are not good at, start the preparation for them early. This gives you time to focus on topics that you find difficult and allows you time to practice through mock tests as well.

• The topics that you know well can be started a little later. To strengthen these topics (so that you can reap the maximum benefit out of these by scoring high), one should practice advance level questions as well.

• Reading is a good and much-required habit for a student willing to take up PGDM of all cohorts. Hence, focus on your development within this section and start by reading novels that you like. Then, you can slowly shift to business magazines, blogs etc.

• Try to give as many mock MICATs as possible. This helps not only with the kind of questions that can come in the actual exam, but also in time management, which is very important for any entrance exam.

• It would help to keep a notebook where you mention important concepts for the last-minute revision that you would do a day or two before the exam. Having a consolidated repository of concepts can help a lot

• Lastly, do not panic. It is important to maintain a calm mind and build confidence which can be a key to acing any exam.

MICAT Preparation Strategy & MICAT Syllabus

1. Psychometric Evaluation

• The objective by MICA for introducing this section is to evaluate the attitude of the candidate in different situations. The key to a psychometric test is being honest. Answers the questions with the option that you feel is right. But at the same time, having an open mind towards situation is also useful.

• The questions that are presented to you can revolve around your situational judgement, career goals, life goals etc. If you wish to understand the kind of questions that can be asked from the above-mentioned segments, there are psychometric tests available online that you can take so that it is not a new territory to you.

• Analyse the given scenarios with utmost honesty and think what would you have done if put in that situation? This section presents your strengths, weaknesses, personality, attitude, values, and beliefs in detail.

• Do not read a question just once and answer. That is because the given situation would be more complex than you can perceive it to be in the first glance. So, make sure you read the question at least two times and then answer.

• Another important point to remember while giving a psychometric test is to attempt all the questions. This applies to only this section as it tests your personality, therefore, if you leave any question un-attempted, the paper might not be evaluated.

2. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

• The characteristic of this section is that it is time-consuming. You can aim to attempt around 17-18 questions out of 30 and that would be called a good attempt.

• The candidates can use the book on the quantitative ability by author Arun Sharma to prepare the basics.

• The preparation for this section is similar to the preparation for CAT and XAT. Look into application-based questions as well.

• Practice mock tests which become even more important for this section, as this is the section that would require maximum time management.

3. Verbal Ability

• Even this part of Section B is quite similar in nature to CAT when we talk about the pattern of questions. Although, the difficulty level is not that high on the scale.

• Read business magazines, solve Reading Comprehension (RC) passages available online, read novels to build your vocabulary.

• The RC passages in MICAT are usually lengthy with tough vocabulary. Hence, enhancing reading speed is an important part of the preparation for this section.

• Verbal Ability is more of practice than any other section, since there are not many concepts to learn. Thus, the candidates should take out at least 1 hour in a day to practice a wide range of questions that they can come across in the exams.

4. General Awareness

• Reading newspaper daily is the best form of practice one can do for this section.

• Read up on current events from all genres- science, business, entertainment, editorials as there are no one genre that the questions are limited to.

• MICA has introduced this section to check the awareness of the candidate regarding his or her surroundings.

5. Convergent and Divergent Thinking

• This is a section with a vast coverage of topics, because of which, the predictability of questions is low. This section of MICAT is differently constructed when compared to CAT, XAT or other management exams.

• The questions can be in the form of puzzles, statement and conclusions, reasoning, word associations etc. The questions from word associations include:

1. Idioms

2. Phrase formation

3. Word Meanings and their usage

4. Homonyms

• The best way to practice for this section is by giving mock tests and keeping time on every question.

• GMAT preparation material available online can help the students with this part of the preparation.

6. Creative Writing

• In this section of the paper, the candidate is presented with 4 pictures on which he has to base a story. For story writing, the candidates must break it into 4 paragraphs: introduction, content (2 paragraphs) and conclusion.

• Opening with a quotation by a famous author can be a good way to start. Similarly, ending with a strong stand on the story and giving a wholistic picture can fetch good marks to the student.

• The candidate will need to enhance typing speed for this section as well. Hence, it is a good strategy to practice for this section on Microsoft word itself, so that the candidate is familiar with the placement of keys and can devote his time to thinking about content.

• Reading comics and newspapers can help students in this section as well.

Preparation required for GDPI for MICAT

  • Reading books like ‘Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview’ by Evan Pellet will help you learn about the best approaches to interviews
  • Apart from reading books, one can watch Mock GDs on YouTube channels for the tips and tricks
  • Read up on current affairs so that you have topics to speak about. Reading business magazines and newspapers like Business Standard can help you prepare for the interview
  • Reading about the interview experiences of previous candidates can help you understand how to tackle tricky, political questions and present the best defence


MICAT is an exam that requires more practice than other exams because it is a mix of both objective and subjective questions. Therefore, the candidate needs to have two different strategies for approaching both sections. Be confident in attempting the questions, read them twice to get clarity on what is asked. Giving mock tests and solving previous year papers can help the student get a high score. Wishing you all the best for MICAT 2021!

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Maitreya Khanapurkar
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