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Top 5 strategy to convert a PI Call letter of TISS MA-HRM

Top 5 Strategy to convert a PI Call letter of TISS MA-HRM

Selection Criteria for TISS MA-HR Management Program

Candidates applying to one of the two programs- TISS MA-HRM and TISS MA-ODCL are expected to give TISS-MAT exam that stands for TISS- Management aptitude test. This comes in the second stage once the candidate has already given TISS-NET in stage 1. Like all the other PGDM exams, TISS-MAT is also a computer-based Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) exam that has a duration of 45 minutes and a total score that can be obtained is 50 marks. 

After clearing TISS-NET & TISS-MAT with required cut-off, candidates receive a call to appear for OPI i.e., Online Personal Interview. Only students who have appeared for and cleared TISS-MAT are eligible for the OPI for TISS MA-HRM program.

The final score on the basis the weights to each criterion as given below:



Total Marks

Weightage to final Score

Stage 1




Stage 2








Judging Criteria for PI call letter of TISS MA-HRM

Once the candidate receives a Personal Interview call and is sitting across the panel, they should be mindful of the following criteria based on which they would be judged:

  • Interpersonal Skills: This is a skill that the panel is looking in an MBA aspirant. Make sure to greet the panelists with a ‘good morning’ or a salutation that is appropriate for that time of the day. Appear confident even if you are nervous on the inside because a little confidence can take you a long way
  • Thinking Process: Structure your thoughts before putting them across the room. There is nothing wrong in asking a question twice if you did not understand it the first time. The clarity in your thoughts and good articulation is what is expected of you in the interview
  • Future Goals: Align the questions like why TISS MA, to your future goals. Also, while preparing for the interview, make sure that you have clarity on your future goals and are prepared for questions like- where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Communication skills: Having the right answer versus communicating it in the right way are two different tasks. Right usage of the words that convey your answer in the best possible way, right-hand gestures, eye contact while conveying your thoughts are details that you will be judged upon
  • Attitude: Last but not the least, carry the right attitude. Appearing humble but confident is the best combination they could ask for. Listen to the panelists intently and incorporate their views into your answer. Even if you choose to disagree, do it politely. Remember- “The best suit one can wear is his attitude”

What should your resume look like?

Work experience in the profile that matches the MA-HRM domain is the best way to go. But even if you do not have that you can always align your hobbies and interests around the course requirements. Any certification related to HR Management roles, like HR Analytics is always a plus to have. Note that you should put in your resume only the things that you are confident in speaking about. Unnecessary flaunting skills might not be beneficial.

Common Questions asked and How to answer them?

It is time to prepare the candidates for some questions that they can come across in their PI rounds. The following questions are frequently asked:

  • Tell me about yourself: This is one common question that the candidates will hear in all the PI rounds, no matter which PGDM college interview it is. This is also the most neglected question by the candidates. To answer this question best, prepare a pitch of about 1 to 1.5 minutes. The pitch does not revolve just around your work experience but should also include your strengths and weaknesses and how they align to your immediate and future goals
  • Why do you wish to pursue HR Management? Another common question that the candidates come across in their interview. To answer this question effectively, chart out a timeline on when you decided to pursue MA-HRM and what events led you to it. Then, connect how this program is best suited for you, illustrating the skills that you can leverage and will help you in being successful in this field. Also, don’t forget to determine the importance of this field along the way
  • What is the role of HR in an organization? This question requires you to throw light on the importance of HR functions and how the HR serves as a bond that ties the different divisions of a company together. You can hint at the fact that for an organization to run smoothly, it is important for all the units to collaborate and work without friction and how it is the responsibility that an HR shoulders. You can conclude by saying that a behind every successful company, there is a dedicated HR team which constantly works magic behind the curtains
  • Questions on psychology, social issues, and emotions: Candidates can expect questions like: Define happiness? What do you think is the meaning of life? What is the key to solving life’s problems? How has the Covid 19 pandemic affected poverty? What measures should be taken to uplift the small businesses affected by Covid 19 pandemic? To answer these questions, the candidate should read up on existing social issues and the measures being taken by the Government. Questions on emotions do not have a right or wrong answer and depend upon the perspective of the candidate.

Common mistakes that the candidate can avoid

  • Being late: The schedule of the PI is out well in advance and it does not reflect well upon the candidate if he is late. Hence, plan your travel properly and have time at hand to locate the venue inside the centre as well. Amidst Covid 19 pandemic, as the PI is online, set your internet connections properly, and if required, have backups
  • Not maintaining proper body language: Do not be laidback in your interview. Sit upright, maintain eye contact. Eye contact is a gesture that candidates forget at times out of nervousness. Maintaining proper eye contact is important as it makes you appear confident
  • Not preparing for the PI rounds: It is a common notion that PI is not something to prepare for. The candidates need to let go of that notion and prepare well for the rounds. Read up on current affairs as much as you can, prepare a pitch on frequently asked questions and rehearse either in front of the mirror or take someone’s help to prepare
  • Talk too much: As an MBA aspirant, your answers should be to the point and cover the major points in the least words possible. Also, make sure to listen to the panelist and understand their point of view as well

Material that can be used for the preparation

  • Reading books like ‘Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview’ by Evan Pellet will help you learn about the best approaches to an interview and how one has the interview in their control
  • Apart from reading books, one can watch YouTube channels for the tips and tricks to follow during an interview
  • Read up on current affairs so that you have topics to speak about. Reading business magazines and newspapers like Business Standard can help you prepare for the interview
  • Reading about the interview experiences of previous candidates can help you understand how to tackle tricky, political questions and present the best defense

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Nihar Mehta
Nihar Mehta
Calls from IIMs, SPJIMR & MDI
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During my CAT preparation, I enrolled at MBA Pathshala for classroom coaching. Abhijit Sir & Haider Sir guided me through the process of planning & executing the strategies I had to use to succeed in the test. I received regular feedback on my progress during the GD and PI preparations after CAT. I received calls from IIMs, SPJIMR, and MDI. MBAP played a huge role in this, and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts.
Ishan Rathod
Ishan Rathod
Calls from IIM I, S, and all New And Baby IIM's.
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MBAP is a great place to prepare for MBA-CET, CAT, and CMAT, and the faculty are unbeatable. Most importantly, they pay personal attention to each student. Most faculty members come from IIMs. One-on-one interaction helped me improve as the exams approached, as well as get calls from IIMs I, S, and all New and Baby IIMs. Interview sessions were very beneficial for me to convert IIM S.
Sanskriti Reja
Sanskriti Reja
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I am glad I chose MBA Pathshala for my MBA coaching. The faculty here is excellent and very competent. If I had any questions or needed extra classes, they always gave me one. I got through my GD-PIs too after the exams with their help. Thanks to MBAP, I was able to pass CAT and other entrance exams. Among others, I received calls from XLRI, XIMB, and IIMs. A few of the colleges I've converted are KJ Somaiya, TAPMI, IIM Sambalpur, and IIM Sirmaur.
Parth Kanakia
Parth Kanakia
Converted SPJIMR
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MBAP prepared me for GD, WAT, and PI. Abhijit Singh, Haider, and other MBAP faculty provided excellent training. Good knowledge was imparted from the very beginning. Regular mock interviews were conducted. As a former SPJIMR, I would recommend students to join MBAP.
Ronit jaiswal
Ronit jaiswal
Calls from IIM-A/B/C & SNAP 98.12%ile
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Coaching offers me personalized attention and a competitive environment. Because the preparation was so rigorous, I eventually began to perform at my best. The mock interviews/GD/WATs were conducted by anonymous panels, and it really boosted my confidence. Although I got a call from SCMHRD (SNAP-98.12), Abhijeet sir felt that I should try again and aim for IIM-A/B/C. It has been your pleasure to have been your mentor.
Maitreya Khanapurkar
Maitreya Khanapurkar
Calls From IIMs
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You will get good support from the faculty until you get into a B-School. The shortcut techniques you will learn will be extremely useful. You will be able to resolve doubts at any time. If you plan on taking CAT CET or any other entrance exam, go for MBA Pathshala. With the help of MBAP tutors, I received a call from IMT Ghaziabad.
Yash Dandavate
GMAT Score - 660
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GMAT prep with MBAP was the best I've ever experienced. With Rohan Kulkarni Sir's Verbal Guidance, I scored 85th percentile in my GMAT exam as I was very weak in English. I always found Haider Sir and Abhijeet to answer my questions and to develop strategies and shortcuts to tackle GMAT problems for me. MBAP is a great option for GMAT and CAT prep.

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