CAT Question Paper | Previous Year CAT Exam Papers with Solutions

CAT Question Paper of previous year PDFs are an ideal source of preparation. There is nothing better than the previous year CAT exam question papers from 1991-2020. We have listed below all past year CAT question papers PDFs for free downloads.
We strongly advice serious CAT aspirants to scan though all the CAT questions papers one by one to get the feel of the toughness level, CAT syllabus, and the understand the gradual changes in CAT Paper pattern as well.
For your reference, CAT question papers before 2009 were paper pencil based. From 2009 onward CAT has gone online and since then there is drastic change in the paper pattern.
Also, CAT has started releasing CAT papers from 2017 onward, hence there is no official CAT question papers available from 2009 to 2016. For CAT 2018 and 2019, we are also providing the section-wise papers with solutions of both the slots.


Past Year Question Paper with Solutions

Who should use CAT past year papers?

We have seen that the questions that come in CAT papers are different from the ones that come in mocks. Moreover, the questions that come in mocks are either too complex or too easy, unlike the ones that come in actual CAT, whose questions are logical. In addition to this, we have seen that the past year CAT papers cover a syllabus with which you must be familiar. The CAT does not define its syllabus, and we have no other source except the previous year CAT papers to get some understanding of what exactly the CAT syllabus is all about.

How to effectively use past year CAT Papers?

To effectively use these papers, you must first go through the basic concepts of each and every section. Once you have gone through the basic concepts, you should solve the sectional tests of some reputed institute. While solving the sectional tests, you must ensure that you touch upon the questions of all difficulty levels.  The past year CAT papers have questions of varying difficulty levels. Your hold on concepts and your ability to solve questions of varying difficulty will ensure that you solve the questions from the past year cat papers confidently.

CAT Question Paper Latest Pattern

The importance of understanding the CAT question paper pattern:

The CAT question papers help us understand not only the difficulty of the questions but also the pattern in which those questions come year after in the cat exam. The pattern shows the regularity of the questions from a particular topic and the concepts around which those questions feature in the cat question papers. The cat question papers and its pattern teach us about:

  • What specific areas of a particular topic a student should focus on
  • What difficulty level of questions should he practice
  • The strategy that we must design, depending on our strength and weaknesses, to maximize our performance in a particular section

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