CMAT - Strategy to Score a 320 + (JBIMS Convert)

CMAT was launched by AICTE to diminish the physical, mental and monetary pressure of students in going to various selection tests directed by the institutions for admission to the board programs in AICTE-affiliated institutions There are 3500+ AICTE affiliated  B-schools that are relied upon to take CMAT scores, meaning accessibility of more than 4 lakh seats for a CMAT test-taker. Unlike other management entrance tests of comparative nature, CMAT offers you a chance to take admission at the top B-schools of the nation, for example, JBIMS, Sydenham, KJ Somaiya, IMT, and GIM, among others. CMAT represents the Common Management Admissions Test. It is a national level MBA entrance exam, led by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a national level Apex Advisory Body which is vested with the legal expert for specialized and technical education in India. 

Why CMAT? 

What does it test? 

CMAT is a computer-based test, where numerous multiple-choice questions will be posted. Applicants need to read a question on the computer terminal and afterward answer it by tapping on the right choice. The test comprises four areas that incorporate a) Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation b) Logical Reasoning c) Language Comprehension and d) General Awareness. There are 25 questions in each part. The length of the test is 180 minutes, with no break during this time window. 

Students can move to and fro between segments. This implies that the segments are not timed independently, and the onus is on the students to oversee timing between the sections while ensuring that they show their competency in all the segments. There is a negative marking of 1 mark for each base/wrong answer. 

Scoring Mechanism: 

CMAT positions its takers dependent on both the Overall scores and individual sectional scores. Those with high overall scores will comparatively get better ranks. Ties will be chosen dependent on the performance of the students in the individual segments – the individuals who scored better in Quant will get better ranks. Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension, and General Awareness follow the Quant area in the order to choose a tie.

Preparation Strategy for CMAT : 

Complete the basics | Revise the fundamentals 

By basics, I mean what should be able to comprehend each question given in the books with no issue. Whenever you have finished the basics start the cycle of amending them all. In CMAT specific kinds of questions are posed every year. Focusing and solving them will improve your rank dramatically. 

Sectional Tests and activities 

Begin taking sectional tests and time-based exercises. I would suggest taking 2 – 3 tests every week to see where you stand and how much improvement you need. Remember that it is a Computer Based Test (CBT), subsequently practice on the computer only. Ensure the sectional tests are online.

Section-wise strategy to score 320+

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

As per some experience, QA and DI had about 7- 9 questions that are at a moderate level of difficulty, 2 issues that were complicated, and the rest were listed as basic. Most of the questions were geometry and arithmetic, while most of the questions were distributed equally among the other subjects. Most candidates tried 23-25 questions to have a good overall score in the section. Seeing the difficulty level of the section overall score between 90-100 is a good score to score more than 320+ in CMAT.

Logical Reasoning

In the easy-moderate range, most of the questions are centered on complex data sets. Over 20 questions, most candidates tried, and which is a good attempt a score more than 80 will be a good score to have an overall score of 320+ in CMAT.

Language comprehension

There are 15 RC Questions and 10 Non-RC Questions. Generally, there are a total of 4 parts of 15 questions. The 3 short passages each contained 3 questions. There are 6 questions in a very long passage as per past trends. Most of the questions ranged from simple-medium. A good attempt of 20-22 will give a great chance to score well in this section so a score between 85-100 is a good score here.

General Knowledge

Static GK is the basis of a lot of the questions. Some 1/3 of the issues covered subjects focused on current affairs and general news. Most candidates sought 13-17 questions with an average accuracy rate of 80 percent. So, the score of 50-70 is very good and will help you in reaching the target of 320+ in the CMAT exam.

Begin taking mocks

I believe mocks to be kicked. Begin taking mocks consistently and once in a week, this will help you check your performance and know where you stand. Mock scores will likewise assist you with recognizing your aim and technique throughout in last few days before CMAT. It would be ideal if you start your mocks regardless of whether you have finished the chapters or not. Finishing everything is an endless cycle so begin mocks as early as possible. 

Some students showed up for CMAT and these are my key take-aways: 

They followed only one straightforward technique that I feel applies to all tests and establishments. They practiced a ton on the Kind of papers They would get. They would continue writing mock tests, experience, and continue solving all the previous papers that they could discover from various sources. Essentially, it is about adjusting. The thought behind taking endless tests is to continue sharpening your strategy in answering that paper until they are OK with any paper they may get. By the day’s end, the theory, and formulae you need for every one of these tests are equivalent, so it is about calibrating. So, after eight or 10 mock papers, you will get the hang of the test, which is the most significant.

To score well, you should be ACCURATE. Speed is not an issue at all as you have sufficient time available. Fathoming 100 questions in 3 hours is very simple; henceforth time is not as significant as precision seems to be. 

The scope of subjects covered has gotten significant. For a test like CAT, the methodology is focused on a few areas of strength. But, with CMAT the student would have the basic knowledge in all topics. This is particularly valid for the Quantitative segment as questions from intriguing topics like co-ordinate geometry, conics, and advanced trigonometry have cropped up with regularity. 

Try not to “Study” a lot for the General Awareness segment. Your score will, at last, be chosen by how fortunate or unfortunate your reading habits are and whether you have been mindful enough to occasions that happen in the business and monetary climate. Additionally, do not endeavor such many questions in this part. If you consider the GK segment as a part to contemplate, it will end up being a heavy load. Treat it with a lighter note, so that preparing for it is a greater amount of refreshment than a chore.

Be extremely cautious in choosing questions in the English segment. It is extremely simple to lose marks in this part. This is particularly valid for the critical thinking questions that are asked in this segment. 

Note for Aspirants who have a Target Score and strategies

For students who have not been able to surpass a score of 100-120, my recommendation is to focus on Reasoning and Quantitative segments. Such students can attempt 10 to 15 questions overall in English and General Awareness segments. This ought not to take over 30 minutes. The leftover 2.5 hours can be given to 50 questions of Maths and Reasoning. Accepting that a student can crack 40 of these questions, the general score can undoubtedly surpass 150. 

Students who try to cross 200 must perform sensibly well in the English area notwithstanding the Quantitative and Reasoning areas. The thought is to look for 10-12 safe questions, for example, those from grammar, vocabulary, para jumble, and blanks which can boost your score by around 40 marks. 

For the individuals who need to whizz past the 250 marks, a strong performance in the English area is an absolute necessity. Such students must be vastly proficient at finer aspects, for example, critical thinking and comprehension. Lastly, for the geeks who need to break into 300 or more clubs; the message is straightforward – There is no spot to hide! 

For them, the General Awareness segment will be the decider. They should read and remember a huge amount of data and information. 

In the end, I would propose you keep your strategies clear and continue tackling mock papers; indeed, attempt to experience one every day during the last few days before the test. On a psychological note, I believe that one needs to give oneself confidence. If you believe that you can score well, there is nothing to stop you. Work hard and cross 300 marks.

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Nihar Mehta
Nihar Mehta
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I joined the classroom coaching programme at MBA Pathshala for my CAT preparation. Since the very beginning, Abhijit Sir & Haider Sir guided me in terms of the strategy & the approach required in order to fare well in the exam. They not only stressed on the academics but also pushed me to build my profile aligned with my interests. Post CAT, they gave me ample practice for my GD & PI preparations with sufficient number of mock interviews & regular feedback for improvement. I managed to get calls from IIMs, SPJIMR & MDI. A huge part in this goes to the team at MBAP and I am cannot thank them enough for their contribution.
Ishan Rathod
Ishan Rathod
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MBAP is great place to preparing for MBA-CET,CAT,CMAT and faculty are unbeatable. They are very helpful best part is they give personal attention to each and every students. Most of faculty...who are alumni of IIM and JBIMS. There is more one to one interaction which helped me get better as the exams approached and helped me get calls from IIM I, S, and all New And Baby IIM's. The interview sessions proved to be of great learning helped me convert IIM S
Sanskriti Reja
Sanskriti Reja
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MBA Pathshala was my first choice for MBA coaching and I'm happy that joined it. The faculty here is great.. they are really good in what they do. They supported me and motivated me during my journey of clearingthe entrances. They are always available for the doubts, extra lectures. they helped me get through my GD-PIs too after the exams. I am thankful to MBAP for helping me to crack CAT and other entrance exams. I got calls from XLRI, XIMB, IIMs, among others. I have converted colleges like KJ Somaiya, TAPMI, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Sirmaur.
Parth Kanakia
Parth Kanakia
Converted SPJIMR
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I joined MBAP for GD, WAT & PI preparation. Received very good training from Abhijit Singh, Haider and other MBAP faculty. Starting from very basics, good knowledge was provided. Mock interviews were conducted on regular basis. I converted SPJIMR and I would definitely recommend students to join MBAP.
Ronit jaiswal
Ronit jaiswal
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Maitreya Khanapurkar
Maitreya Khanapurkar
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Best learning experience.Faculties are good and you will get a good support from them till you get admission into a B-School.The shortcut techniques taught will be of great help for you. Doubts will be solved anytime you want. If planning for CAT CET or any entrance exam go for MBA Pathshala. It was of tutors at MBAP I received a call from IMT Ghaziabad.
Yash Dandavate
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I joined MBAP for GMAT prep and my experience with them was really amazing, from the first day itself the faculties gave personal attention to each student and made sure each student had their own personalised GMAT and CAT prep plans. The Verbal faculty Rohan Kulkarni Sir was amazing, I was very weak in English and verbal section, but through his guidance I scored a V38 (85th percentile) in my GMAT exam. The Quant faculties Abhijeet and Haider Sir helped me develop strategies and short cuts to approach GMAT problems and we're always available for my doubts. Overall it was a great experience and I would reccomend MBAP to everyone for GMAT and CAT prep