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ATMA 2018 Exam Analysis

ATMA or AIMS Test for Management Admissions is a national level MBA entrance exam conducted by AIMS i.e.  Association of Indian Management School. ATMA exam is scheduled to be held 4-5 times in a year and is accepted by several top B-schools of India.

ATMA entrance exam is a 3-hour Computer Based Test and consists of 3 sections, namely, Quantitative Skills, Analytical Reasoning Skills, and Verbal Skills. Each of these sections is further divided into 2 sub sections, making it a total of 6 sections. For every correct answer candidate scores +1 and for every wrong answer 0.25 is deducted.

In this article, we have analyzed ATMA 2018 paper in detail. This will help MBA aspirants to gain deeper insights about ATMA exam pattern. This analysis provides an estimate the overall and sectional level of difficulty, ATMA Syllabus, topic wise distribution of questions, expected score for percentiles and do ability of questions. The below mentioned table shows an overview of ATMA 2018 paper: –

ATMA 2018 Overview- 

SectionsScore Expected for
90+ Percentile
Difficulty Level
Verbal Ability- I20-21Moderate to Difficult
Verbal Ability- II20-21Moderate to Difficult
Analytical Reasoning- I21-22Moderate
Analytical Reasoning- II21-22Moderate
Quantitative Ability- I20-21Moderate to difficult
Quantitative Ability- II20-21Moderate to Difficult

ATMA 2018 Exam Pattern Analysis:

The section wise questions pattern and difficulty in ATMA 2018 is as follows:

Verbal Ability I and II:

Like previous years, the pattern remained almost the same with 5 RC passages and jumbled sentences. Fill in the blanks and correct the sentence were some topics that formed 6 and 4 questions each. A good attempt would be if a candidate attempted 41-42 questions with 90% accuracy. The level of difficulty of this section in ATMA 2018 was fairly easy to moderate.

of Questions
Reading comprehension3022Easy to Moderate
Sentence not contributing to Main Idea11Easy
Sentence starters21Moderate
Antonym-Synonym pairs31Moderate
Jumbled Paragraph64Easy to Moderate
Fill in the blanks64Easy to Moderate
Correct Statement11Easy
Part of sentence with error43Easy
Incorrect word/phrase32Easy

Analytical section I and II:

Section I comprised of questions from critical reasoning, course of action, statement inference and conclusions, strengthen and weaken arguments and data sufficiency while section II was made up majorly of coding-decoding and syllogism. An attempt of 42-43 questions with an accuracy of 90% was considered to be a good attempt. This section in ATMA 2018 was mostly moderately difficult.

of Questions
Critical Reasoning63Moderate to difficult
Syllogisms63Moderate to difficult
Course of Action33Easy
Cause and Effect65Moderate
Strong/ Weak Arguments11Moderate to difficult
Course of action22Easy
Arrangements105Moderate to difficult
Data Sufficiency86Moderate
Coding decoding65Easy to Moderate

Quantitative Ability I and II:

This section in ATMA 2018 was towards the difficult end of the scale. Questions were not lengthy but required good critical thinking and a basic understanding of the topics. Arithmetic and numbers dominated the first section and modern math dominated the second section. An attempt of 41-42 questions with 80-90% accuracy was considered a good attempt.

TopicsNumber of
Data Interpretation159Moderate
Geometry86Easy to Moderate
Modern Math129Easy to Moderate
Algebra54Moderate to Difficult
Arithmetic97Easy to Moderate


As per ATMA exam analysis for December 2018 exam, the overall pattern and level of difficulty of the exam was similar to previous editions of the management entrance exam. The difficulty level of questions was moderate to difficult. In all the three sections, if a candidate scores between 36-38 marks, then it can be considered as a decent score and might contribute in getting admission in college of his or her choice. 

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