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CAT Questions | CAT LR Questions: Circular Arrangement Questions

Circular Arrangement – Circular seating arrangement questions are the most common topics that come in questions for the Logical reasoning section in some of the MBA entrance exams like IIFT, SNAP and even CAT. Generally, one puzzle on seating arrangement carries 3-4 questions with the varied difficulty level. Arrangement questions tests the analytical mindset of an individual and thus, carries equal importance. This section is a foundation for corporate world. Hence, these questions on circular arrangement are included in the LRDI section.

Below, the details about the number system for different competitive MBA exam is given:


Circular Arrangement
YearNo of QuestionsGood attemptDifficulty


Circular Arrangement
YearNo of QuestionsGood attemptDifficulty

List of Concepts & certain Circular Seating Arrangement Tricks: -

There is no certain “Circular Arrangement Formula” that would help you solve these questions, but rather there are multiple types of questions that you must understand:

  • Inward facing circular arrangement
  • Outward facing circular arrangement
  • Circular arrangement with persons facing two different directions.
  • Single row arrangement with persons/objects in the question facing different directions.

Here are certain tips & tricks:

  • For a rectangle or circular arrangement, the group of people can be either be sitting facing towards the circle or opposite of the circle. If they are looking away from the center than their left hand will be in the anticlockwise direction and the right-hand side will be in the clockwise direction. This will be like the figure given below.
  • While for the group looking towards the circle, their left hand will be clockwise direction and right hand will be in the anticlockwise direction. This will be like the figure given below.
  • This type of arrangement is for the rectangle arrangements as well. While solving questions based on a rectangle or circular arrangement it is important that you are aware of the directions. And based on this you can determine the clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

CAT Logical Reasoning questions: Circular Seating Arrangement Questions

Direction: Answer the questions based on the information provided. (IIFT)

In Gargi’s family, there are 7 members A, B, C, D, E, F and G other than her consisting of Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Grandfather and Grandmother. They are Doctor, Professor, Director, Actor, Minister, Business Person and Artist by profession not necessarily in the same order. Gargi is a Manager of a leading restaurant and invites the family to her restaurant having round tables for seating to have dinner. The family members select a table for dinner while Gargi is on duty. Few other details are :

  • The mother and father do not sit together
  •  C is seated on the immediate left of Professor and sits A with B
  • The artist is either the sister or grandmother and sits to the immediate right of Father
  • The grandmother is seated on the immediate left of D who is an actor
  • G who is an artist sits with the Businessperson, F who is a female
  • E sits one place away to the left of Director
  • There is one family member between Grandmother and C who is a Director
  • Father is a doctor and sits between Professor and Sister
  • Brother is not a Professor and sits with Grandmother
Q1) How many minimum/least number of people are between the Businessperson and Professor? 
A 3 
B 2 
C 4 
D 1

Q2) If B is a Doctor, then who is A? 
A Father 
B Uncle
C Professor 
D Mother
Q3) If C is the Uncle, then Professor is : 
A Grandfather
B A 
C B 
D Mother

Q1) Answer is B

Q2) Answer is C

Q3) Answer is A


Based on the information answer the questions which follow. (IIFT)

Eight officers of Indian Trade Service meet for a cup of coffee at Coffee Point. The officers P, Q, R, S, T. U. V and W are seated in a circle and discuss issues related to Trade in Services, Trade in Intellectual Property Rights. Investments. Tariffs, Remedies. Standards. Trade Facilitation and Subsides not necessarily in the same order. An MBA student sitting on the next table overhears the discussion and ranks the issues as per their importance from 1 to 8. No two issues can have the same rank and no two officers can have the same position. Additional information available is: 

  • P is sitting to the immediate left of S and the officer opposite to S discusses issues pertaining to Remedies
  •  U’s issue is ranked and there is one officer between U and the officer whose issue is ranked
  •  The officer whose issue is ranked 1 is not opposite to the officer whose issue is ranked 8 who represents issues related to Investments
  •  The ranks of the issues raised by the officers sitting opposite to each other cannot be both even or both odd
  • The officer discussing issues related to Trade in Services is sitting opposite to T. T is sitting at a gap of one place from P
  • R is sitting opposite to Q and represent issues related to Standards and Trade in Intellectual Property Rights not necessarily in the same order
  • P’s issue was ranked 4th and he was discussing issues related to Tariffs and sits opposite to the officer ranked 5th who represents issues related to Subsidies
  • The officers representing issues related to Trade in Services and Trade facilitation are sitting adjacent to each other
Q1) Which officer discusses Remedies and what is its rank?
A. P-4 
B. S-1 

C. U-7
D. V-5

Q2) If the officer V is to the immediate right of the officer representing Trade Facilitation, then the officer to the right of V discusses which issue? 
A. Tariffs 
B. Remedies 
C. Subsidies 
D. Investments
Q3) Which possible issues can be represented by W? 
A. Standards-Trade in Intellectual Property Rights
B. Subsidies-Standards
C. Trade-in Services-Subsidies
D. Trade in Services- Trade in Intellectual Property Rights-Subsidies

Q1) Answer is B

Q2) Answer is C

Q3) Answer is A


Based on the information given below answer the questions: (SNAP)


Ten friends Matt, Sam, Pat, Tom, Sid, Alex, Kat, Jim, Jane and John are having dinner on a rectangular table. Eight facing each other along the length of the table while two facing each other along the smaller side of the table. Pat is sitting diagonally opposite to Kat, Alex is facing Jim, John is to the right of Jane, Tom is sitting between Sam and Jim, Pat is to the extreme left of Jane who is sitting on the extreme right along the length of the table. Sid is facing Tom and Matt is on the right of Sam.

Q1) Who do you think is sitting in front of each other along the small sides of the table?

A. Matt and John
B. Matt and Sam
C. Matt and Kat
D. John and Sam


Q2) Sid is sitting between which of the following two?

A. Sam and Kat
B. Pat and Alex
C. Alex and Jane
D. Kat and Jane


Q3) Who are sitting diagonally opposite to each other?

A. Sid and Tom
B. Sam and Jane
C. Alex and Jim
D. Jane and Kat


Q4) Who is sitting to the immediate right of Jim 

A. Sam
B. Jane I
C. Alex
D. Tom


Q5) Who is sitting two places left to Jane?

A. Pat
B. Alex
C. Sid
D. Sam


Q1) Answer is B

Q2) Answer is C

Q3) Answer is A


Directions (Questions 01 to 05): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions: (SNAP)

Eight friends-Romil, Ramesh, Rakesh, Rohit, Rahul, Abhijeet, Abhishek and Anil- are sitting around a circular table, but not necessarily in the same order, Four of them are facing inside and the other four are facing outside. All eight friends belong to eight different cities-Bhopal, Patna, Kolkata, Delhi, Gwalior, Bengaluru, Chennai and Rajkot-but not necessarily in the same order.

Abhijeet faces the centre and sits third to the right of Rakesh, Rohit belongs to Kolkata and faces the person who belongs to Bengaluru. Abhishek sits third to the right of Ramesh, who stays in Bhopal. The person who belongs to Delhi is facing the same direction as the person who belongs to Gwalior. Rahul is sitting between the person who belongs to Kolkata and the one from Rajkot respectively. Romil belongs to Gwalior and Rakesh belongs to Patna. The person who belongs to Chennai is facing outwards and immediate neighbour of the person who belongs to Rajkot. Anil is the immediate neighbour of the persons who belong to Gwalior and Chennai. Rahul is on the immediate left of Rohit.

1). Which of the following friends belongs to Bengaluru?

1) Romil
2) Rohit
3) Anil
4) Abhishek
5) Rahul

2). Who are immediate neighbours of Romil?

1) Ramesh and Rakesh
2) Rahul and Rohit
3) Anil and Ramesh
4) Abhishek and Rahul
5) Rohit and Abhijeet

3). Which of the following pairs is true?

1) Romil-Bhopal
2) Anil-Bengaluru
3) Rohit-Delhi
4) Abjijeet-Delhi
5) Abhishek-Patna

4). What is the position of Ramesh with respect to Rahul?

1) Third to the right
2) Fourth to the left
3) Fifth to the right
4) Second to the right
5) Third to the left

5). If Rohit and Anil interchange their positions and similarly Abhijeet and Rakesh interchange their positions then what is the position of Romil with respect to Rakesh?

1) Third to the left
2) Third to the right
3) Second to the left
4) Immediate left
5) None of these

How to deal with Circular Arrangement Problems

Level 1

• Students are supposed to have basic knowledge of the circular arrangement problems. For this, we recommend using the MBAP CAT E-Book (Concept Theory) study material.

• They should have an analytical mindset to solve seating arrangement questions. If you find difficulty understanding the concepts, use the MBAP Live Lecture Recording (Basic) on Basic Concepts.

• Students need to develop the speed by practicing the problems so that they get acquainted with these types of questions. To get better clarity on Circular Arrangements, use MBAP CAT E-Book (Practice Questions) and solve all the relevant practice questions. Also, solve the MBAP lecture assignment to complete the basics.

Level 2

• Topics such as blood relations, puzzles type questions can be included along with the circular arrangement type questions and students need to be thorough with these chapters.

• Questions combining the multiple concepts like relations, seating with different directions can be a little twisted, so advising students to practice this chapter carefully. Also, spending too much time is harmful, so try to answer questions which are more straightforward and keep twisted questions to the end.

• It will be way easier for you to attempt the questions by solving previous year papers. They are all readily available if you use MBAP Topic Wise Previous Year CAT Questions.

Level 3

Students need to look into problems which use multiple concepts to find the solution. Try to answer questions from the advanced level of previous IIFT, SNAP papers, mock tests, and materials. And try to attempt these questions in a time-based manner. 

Taking too much time for advanced questions will be harmful to crack the exam. Finally, students need to practice as many questions as they can to get a hold of the concepts and find solutions fast.

 Practice will always help the student to crack the exam. For further advancement on Circular Arrangement, use MBAP CAT Advance E-Books and solve the MBAP Previous Year CAT paper. MBAP CAT Advance E-Books and solve the MBAP Previous Year CAT paper.

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