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CMAT 2018 Exam Analysis

CMAT Analysis 2018 : CMAT exam is a national MBA entrance exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) every year. CMAT score is accepted by many top B- schools in India like JBIMS Mumbai, SIMSREE, GIM, KJ Somaiya, Welingkar etc. for MBA/PGDM admissions. The CMAT 2018 exam was conducted in 2 slots each with duration of 3-hours. It consisted of 100 questions from 4 sections namely Language Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation and General Awareness. For every correct answer candidate scored +4 and for every wrong answer 1 mark was deducted.

In this article, we have analyzed CMAT 2018 paper in depth. MBA aspirants preparing for CMAT should definitely read this article to gain insights and to better understand the CMAT exam pattern. This analysis provides an estimate the overall and sectional level of difficulty, CMAT Syllabus, topic wise distribution of questions, expected score for percentiles and do ability of questions.

CMAT 2018 Exam Pattern Analysis:

The section wise questions pattern and difficulty in CMAT 2018 is as follows:

Language Comprehension Analysis

This section in CMAT 2018 comprised of 4 reading comprehensions with 15 questions and other verbal questions included FIJ, synonyms/ antonyms, fill in the blanks, idiom based, analogies, error correction etc. This section had moderate to easy questions and an attempt of 20-23 can be considered a fairly good attempt.

TopicNo Of QuestionDoable QuestionDifficulty Level
Rc –4 Passages1512-13Moderate
Fact / Inference / Judgement11Easy
Synonyms / Antonyms22Easy
Idiom- Based11Easy
Word Analogy11Easy
Meaning Of Phrase22Easy

Quantitative Technique And Data Interpretation Analysis

This section in CMAT 2018 was mainly dominated by questions from Geometry and Arithmetic followed by Algebra and Modern Math. 3 Data Interpretation questions were also asked. The difficulty level of these questions was difficulty and were lengthy. Other questions in this section were moderately difficult. 20-23 can be considered as a good attempt in this section.

TopicNo Of QuestionDoable QuestionDifficulty Level
Data Interpretation33Moderate
Modern Math22Easy

Logical Reasoning Analysis

This section in CMAT 2018 comprised of questions from topics such as direction sense, blood relations, missing terms, syllogisms, puzzles etc. The overall level of difficulty if the questions from this section was easy to moderate. Candidates who attempted 17-20 with decent accuracy ae expected to score well in this section.

TopicNo Of QuestionDoable QuestionDifficulty Level
Puzzles / Arrangements65Moderate
Groups And Conditionalities88Easy
Family Tree / Blood Relations43Easy
Missing Terms11Easy
Routes And Networks22Easy

General Awareness Analysis

GK in CMAT 2018 was on the tougher side as compared to previous year. A good attempt 12-15 questions could make on score well in this section.

TopicNo Of QuestionsDoable QuestionsDifficulty Level
Current Affairs76-7Moderate
International Events64-5Moderate

Overall Analysis:

The overall analysis of the CMAT 2018 examination was easy-moderate and the questions were as per syllabus. The candidates may find the GK section relatively tricky compared to the other sections. The other sections were moderate in terms of difficulty level.

A candidate should get around a 97 percentile for attempting around 80-85 questions with 90% accuracy, which would give the candidate a score of 300

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