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CMAT GK & MBA Exams | International Headquarters Static GK PDF

Tips to Ace Static GK based Questions on International Organizations and their Headquarters for MBA Entrance Exams (SNAP, IIFT, XAT, and so on)

CMAT GK – The syllabus of General Awareness or the GK section for MBA exam includes Current Affairs and latest happenings in the field of Politics, Economy as well as static GK. Therefore, it is important for the aspirants to understand the exam pattern and syllabus for each of the different exams.

A large number of MBA entrance exams, similar to SNAP, IIFT, MAT, CMAT, XAT and so forth, have different syllabuses when it comes to General Knowledge or General Awareness. The General Awareness Syllabus can be additionally partitioned into 2 sub-segments, Static – GK and Current GK. Extensively speaking, Static GK comprises of territories/themes that don’t change after some time. Whereas Current GK mostly refers to the General Knowledge that is specific to the present news or happenings in our world.

GK is a segment dreaded by a vast number of MBA aspirants, because of the newness of the themes in question. Since a large number of the aspirants are seeking MBA after proficient degrees, such as designing, law, medication and so forth, it has been some time since they have studied GK-related subjects like History, Economics, Geography and so on. To clear the IIFT GK, XAT GK and CMAT GK sections, one must thoroughly revise all the GK topics and attempt as many general awareness questions as possible.

International Organizations and their Headquarters is a topic that has been asked numerous times in various MBA Exams (For example the CMAT GK section). It is better to read the newspaper on a daily basis rather than trying to memorize all the organizations at the last minute. Moreover, an MBA aspirant should not only prepare for this topic for his exam and GDPI process, but also because one day as a manager he might end up dealing with one of these organizations. GK is a topic that has more long-term benefits rather than just the short-term ones. In the below mentioned PDF document, all the international organizations and their Headquarters have been mentioned:

List of Important International Organisations and their Headquarters

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