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MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis


MICAT Exam Analysis 2021 this year was similar like last year, the test was of 135 minutes owing to the constraints imposed by the pandemic.

MICAT Exam which is been conducted by MICA Ahmedabad for its Admission to the programmes such as PGDM-C/PGDM. This Exam is online entrance exam test. Generally MICAT is held twice in a year for admission. MICAT – It was held on December 2021 and MICAT-II was held on January 2022 for the batch commencing a few months later in June 2022.

Structure of MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis:


Section-wise in-depth analysis:

SectionNameNo. of Q’sTime AllocatedDoable Q’s
APsychometric Test15030 minutes150
BDescriptive Test425 minutes4
CDivergent and
Convergent Thinking
2080 minutes10-12
 Verbal Ability20 10 -12
 Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation20 9 -10
 General Awareness20 7 – 9


MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis : 1 for psychometric test section students had to answer 150 questions. There were no correct or wrong answers to psychometric assessments. The answers are tested to gain insight into the mental capacities and processes of the test takers. Situations for which the students had to answer with True or False were posed by about 33 questions. About 117 questions were based on particular personality trait or a course of action which students had to select one of the following given options:

1. Totally Disagree

2. Strongly Disagree

3. Disagree

4. Somewhat Disagree

5. Somewhat Agree

6. Agree

7. Strongly Agree

8. Totally Agree

Given that all the 150 questions had to be attempted within the span of 30 minutes students were recommended to solve quick and mark the answers faster. 


MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis : for Descriptive Test section they tested the analytical and descriptive writing ability and creative skills of the test-takers. The first 3 questions were related to each other. The topic for the first three questions was based upon “Cultural diversity is celebrated while individual efforts are made to assimilate the differences into the mainstream. Then why should we desire diversity?” For the first 2 questions, students had to write 3 points each which should be for and against the topics. These 2 questions carried 10 marks each.

In the third question, students had to write approximately 250-300 word answer to ‘Suggest steps by which a young manager can ensure creativity and innovation keeping in mind homogenous cohorts.” The instructions stated that the points for the 3rd question should not include the points stated in the previous 2 questions. This question was allocated as 20 marks.

The 4th question in this section consisted of 4 pictures. Students had to write down a particular pictorial combination order which could be like A-B-C-D or D-C-B-A or any other such combination and explain it like a story. The pictures were related to: ’A fire extinguisher, a horse in an open field, a QR code, etc.’ this question carried 30 marks. This section needs to be attempted within 25 minutes and had no negative markings.


Section C – Aptitude Test (4 Sub-sections):

MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis for the aptitude test had 4 sub-sections with 20 questions each. These 80 questions had to be solved within the short span of time of about 80 minutes. This year all sections in the aptitude test saw a mix of questions with 4 or 8 options. This was a slight change compared to the previous year.


MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis for Divergent and Convergent Thinking section the different types of questions were asked 20 questions including word-association, analogies, statement & assumption, data sufficiency, puzzle, coding and visual reasoning questions were merged in the Reasoning section. In general, 8 questions had 8 options while the remaining 12 questions had 4 options in its questions. The non-verbal reasoning section had options based on odd man out, complete the series, etc. A good attempt of about 10-12 questions with high accuracy was considered good to score.  


MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis for Verbal Ability section consisted of para jumbles, word pairs, cloze the test, choosing the grammatically correct sentence and 3 Reading Comprehension (RC) passages.  Out of 20 questions, 11 questions had 8 options each while the remaining 9 questions had 4 options each. Overall the level of difficulty was easy to moderate. A good attempt of about 10-12 questions with high accuracy was considered good.


MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section comprised 20 questions, out of which 16 were on quantitative skill and 4 were on Data Interpretation. The QA section was dominated by approximately 10 questions on Arithmetic, then 3 questions based on Geometry, 2 questions based on Algebra and 1 question based on Modern Math or Numbers. Overall, this section was the toughest among all the other sections. Also, this section had had 4 options in the 5 questions and the remaining 15 questions had as many as say 8 options. A good attempt of about 8-10 questions with high accuracy was considered good to score well.


MICAT Exam Analysis 2021 for General Awareness section consists of 20 questions. Out of these 20 questions, 12-14 questions were based on national issues while 4-5 questions was based on international topics and rest questions were based on miscellaneous topics. Also, Static GK contributed approximately 7-8 questions while the remaining questions were based on current affairs. Overall, this section for MICAT II was slightly more difficult compared to MICAT I. The questions were about business, books and authors, awards, economics, terms, logos, taglines, etc. A good attempt of about 7-9 questions with high accuracy was considered good to score marks.

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Nihar Mehta
Nihar Mehta
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Ishan Rathod
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MBAP is a great place to prepare for MBA-CET, CAT, and CMAT, and the faculty are unbeatable. Most importantly, they pay personal attention to each student. Most faculty members come from IIMs. One-on-one interaction helped me improve as the exams approached, as well as get calls from IIMs I, S, and all New and Baby IIMs. Interview sessions were very beneficial for me to convert IIM S.
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Sanskriti Reja
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I am glad I chose MBA Pathshala for my MBA coaching. The faculty here is excellent and very competent. If I had any questions or needed extra classes, they always gave me one. I got through my GD-PIs too after the exams with their help. Thanks to MBAP, I was able to pass CAT and other entrance exams. Among others, I received calls from XLRI, XIMB, and IIMs. A few of the colleges I've converted are KJ Somaiya, TAPMI, IIM Sambalpur, and IIM Sirmaur.
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Parth Kanakia
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MBAP prepared me for GD, WAT, and PI. Abhijit Singh, Haider, and other MBAP faculty provided excellent training. Good knowledge was imparted from the very beginning. Regular mock interviews were conducted. As a former SPJIMR, I would recommend students to join MBAP.
Ronit jaiswal
Ronit jaiswal
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Coaching offers me personalized attention and a competitive environment. Because the preparation was so rigorous, I eventually began to perform at my best. The mock interviews/GD/WATs were conducted by anonymous panels, and it really boosted my confidence. Although I got a call from SCMHRD (SNAP-98.12), Abhijeet sir felt that I should try again and aim for IIM-A/B/C. It has been your pleasure to have been your mentor.
Maitreya Khanapurkar
Maitreya Khanapurkar
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You will get good support from the faculty until you get into a B-School. The shortcut techniques you will learn will be extremely useful. You will be able to resolve doubts at any time. If you plan on taking CAT CET or any other entrance exam, go for MBA Pathshala. With the help of MBAP tutors, I received a call from IMT Ghaziabad.
Yash Dandavate
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GMAT prep with MBAP was the best I've ever experienced. With Rohan Kulkarni Sir's Verbal Guidance, I scored 85th percentile in my GMAT exam as I was very weak in English. I always found Haider Sir and Abhijeet to answer my questions and to develop strategies and shortcuts to tackle GMAT problems for me. MBAP is a great option for GMAT and CAT prep.

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