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TISS 2019: Test Analysis of TISSNET Exam

TISS 2019: The TISS exam is a nationwide entrance exam that is conducted every year for MBA aspirants who wish to get into Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) institute which has 4 campuses in India (Mumbai, Tuljapur, Guwahati and Hyderabad). TISS institute offers many programs like M.A, M.Sc, M.H.A etc with their M.A (Human Resource Management) course in Mumbai campus being the flagship one. The M.A programme offered here is at par with the management programmes at various top MBA colleges in India. The TISS exam date for 2019 was 13th January 2019. TISSNET Syllabus comprised of General Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency sections. 

TISS 2019 comprised of 100 questions with a weightage of 1 mark per question. There is no sectional cut off or sectional time limit and there is no negative marking for wrong answers. With no sectional cut-offs in TISS 2019, it was advisable to students that they maximise their score by attempting maximum questions.” The overall difficulty level of the “TISSNET paper” was slightly on the higher side when compared to last year due to the tougher General Awareness test and slightly tougher English section. With General Awareness being slightly tougher than last year, the expected overall cut off (for general category) for the MA in HRM program to slightly drop compared to last year. “A score of around 75 in TISS result can be considered as an ideal score for a general category student.

TISS Exam Pattern Analysis:

The section wise questions pattern and difficulty in TISS 2019 is as follows:”

English Proficiency:

This section comprised 30 questions, out of which there were 20 questions on Verbal Ability and Vocabulary. 10 questions on reading comprehension. The 20 VA questions were of easy-moderate difficulty level. And the Reading Comprehension section comprised of two passages with five questions each with 5 easy and difficult questions.

Mathematical and Logical Reasoning:

The overall difficulty level of the section was easy when compared to the previous year. This section included only one set on logical reasoning. And the remaining questions were based on quants.By allotting 40 minutes to this section, a well-prepared candidate should have ideally solved at least 24-25 questions correctly and marked the answers to the remaining.

General Awareness:

The difficulty level of the GA section in TISS 2019 was on the tougher side. This section consisted of 5-6 easy questions, 11-13 were of moderate difficulty and about 21 were difficult. The ideal strategy would have been to attempt all the General Awareness questions in about 22 minutes, targeting a score of 20.

SectionSection DetailsDifficulty level
English ProficiencyTotal questions-30
Reading Comprehension-10
Verbal Ability-20
VA questions-easy-moderate
RCs- two passages with 5 questions each-
1 easy and 1 moderate
Mathematical &
Logical Reasoning
Total Questions-30Quants section –relatively easy
Data Interpretation- Easy-moderate
General AwarenessTotal question-40Around 5-6 were easy
11-13 moderately difficult

Topic Wise Difficulty Over Sections:”

Mathematical skills:

The below table shows the topic wise questions for mathematical skills and logical reasoning that came in TISS 2019:

TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficulty level
Ratio & Proportion1Easy
Simple Interest1Easy
Averages and mixtures2Easy
Simple Equations1Easy
Time and Distance1Easy
Clocks and calendar2Easy
Geometry21 Difficult, 1 moderate
Permutations and Combinations1Medium
DI set on Tabular Data4Easy but lengthy
DI set on Line graph3Medium

English Proficiency:

The below table shows the topic wise break up for English Proficiency questions in TISS 2019:

TopicNo of QuestionsDifficulty level
Reading Comprehension 15Easy
Reading Comprehension 25Moderate
FIBs (2 Blanks)62 Easy, 4 Moderate
FIBs (1 Blank)11 Difficult
Odd One Out1Easy
Grammar Based32 Easy, 1 Moderate
Para jumbles3Easy
Critical Reasoning1Easy


Overall, the level of TISS 2019 exam was moderate. From the exam analysis, the cut off can be expected to slightly drop as compared to previous year cut off. Expected cut off will be around 75 for a General student and can drop till 68 depending upon the reserved category.

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