Official CAT 2017 Paper – Questions, Answers, and Detailed Solutions

Verbal Ability - Slot 1

Q.1- Q.6. Understanding where you are in the world is a basic survival skill, which is why we, like most species come hard-wired with specialized brain areas to create congnitive maps of our surroundings. Where humans are unique, though, with the possible exception of honeybees, is that we try to communicate this understanding the world with others…

Q.7- Q.12. I used a smartphone GPS to find my way through the cobblestoned maze of Geneva’s Old Town, in search of a handmade machine that changed the world more than any other invention. Near a 13th-century cathedral in this Swiss city on the shores of a lovely lake….

Q.13- Q.18. This year alone, more than 8,600 stores could close, according to industry estimates, many of them the brand -name anchor outlets that real estate
developers once stumbled over themselves to court. Already there have been 5,300 retail closings this year…

Q.19- Q.21. Scientists have long recognised the incredible diversity within a species. But they thought it reflected evolutionary changes that unfolded imperceptibly, over millions of years. That divergence between populations within a species was enforced, according to Ernst Mayr, the great evolutionary biologist of the 1940s…

Q.22-Q.24 . Do sports mega events like the summer Olympic Games benefit the host city economically? It depends, but the prospects are less than rosy. The trick is converting…several billion dollars in operating costs during the 17-day fiesta of the Games into a basis for long-term economic returns…

Q.25. To me, a “classic” means precisely the opposite of what my predecessors understood: a work is classical by reason of its  resistance to contemporaneity and supposed universality,

Q.26. A translator of literary works needs a secure hold upon the two languages involved, supported by a good measure of familiarity with the two cultures. For an Indian translating works in an Indian language into English

Q.27. For each of the past three years, temperatures have hit peaks not seen since the birth of meteorology, and probably not for  more than 110,000 years…

Q.28. The process of handing down implies not a passive transfer, but some contestation in defining what exactly is to be handed down.

Q.29. Scientists have for the first time managed to edit genes in a human embryo to repair a genetic mutation, fuelling hopes that such procedures may one day be available outside laboratory conditions.

Q.30. The study suggests that the disease did not spread with such intensity, but that it may have driven human migrations across Europe and Asia.

Q.31. This visual turn in social media has merely accentuated this announcing instinct of ours, enabling us with easy-to-create, easy-to-share, easy-to-store and easy-to-consume platforms, gadgets and apps.

Q.32. People who study children’s language spend a lot of time watching how babies react to the speech they hear around them.

Q.33. Neuroscientists have just begun studying exercise’s impact within brain cells — on the genes themselves.

Q.34. The water that made up ancient lakes and perhaps an ocean was lost.

Slot wise Sections for CAT 2017

Verbal Ability - Slot 2

Q.1- Q.6. Creativity is at once our most precious resource and our most inexhaustible one. As anyone who has ever spent any time with children knows, every single human being is born creative; every human being is innately endowed with the ability to combine and recombine data, perceptions, materials and ideas, and devise new ways of thinking and doing.

Q.7- Q.12. During the frigid season…it’s often necessary to nestle under a blanket to try to stay warm. The temperature difference between the blanket and the air outside is so palpable that we often have trouble leaving our warm refuge. Many plants and animals similarly hunker down, relying on snow cover for safety from winter’s harsh conditions.

Q.13- Q.18. The end of the age of the internal combustion engine is in sight. There are small signs everywhere: the shift to hybrid vehicles is already under way among manufacturers. Volvo has announced it will make no purely petrol-engined cars after 2019…and Tesla has just started selling its first electric car aimed squarely at the middle classes:

Q.19- Q.21. Typewriters are the epitome of a technology that has been comprehensively rendered obsolete by the digital age. The ink comes off the ribbon, they weigh a ton, and second thoughts are a disaster. But they are also personal, portable and, above all, private. Type a document and lock it away and more or less the only way anyone else can get it is if you give it to them.

Q.22-Q.24 . Despite their fierce reputation. Vikings may not have always been the plunderers and pillagers popular culture imagines them to be. In fact, they got their start trading in northern European markets, researchers suggest.

Q.25. North American walnut sphinx moth caterpillars (Amorpha juglandis) look like easy meals for birds, but they have a trick up their sleeves—they produce whistles that sound like bird alarm calls, scaring potential predators away.

Q.26. Both Socrates and Bacon were very good at asking useful questions. In fact, Socrates is largely credited with corning up with a way of asking questions, ‘the Socratic method/ which itself is at the core of the ‘scientific method

Q.27. A fundamental property of language is that it is slippery and messy and more liquid than solid, a gelatinous mass that changes shape to fit. As Wittgenstein would remind us, “usage has no sharp boundary.” Oftentimes, the only way to determine the meaning of a word is to examine how it is used…

Q.28. The implications of retelling of Indian stories, hence, takes on new meaning in a modern India.

Q.29. Before plants can take life from atmosphere, nitrogen must undergo transformations similar to ones that food undergoes in our digestive machinery.

Q.30. This has huge implications for the health care system as it operates today, where depleted resources and time lead to patients rotating in and out of doctor’s offices, oftentimes receiving minimal care or concern (what is commonly referred to as “bed side manner”) from doctors…

Q.31. Johnson treated English very practically, as a living language, with many different shades of meaning and adopted his definitions on the principle of English common law – according to precedent.

Q.32. Although we are born with the gift of language, research shows that we are surprisingly unskilled when it comes to communicating with others.

Q.33. Over the past fortnight, one of its finest champions managed to pull off a similar impression.

Q.34. Those geometric symbols and aerodynamic swooshes are more than just skin deep.

LRDI - Slot 1

Q.1- Q.4. Healthy Bites is a fast food joint serving three items: burgers, fries and ice cream. It has two employees Anish and Bani who prepare the items ordered by the clients. Preparation time is 10 minutes for a burger and 2 minutes for an order of ice cream. An employee can prepare only one of these items at a time…

Q.5- Q.8. A study to look at the early teaming of rural kids was carried out in a number of villages spanning three states, chosen from the North East (NE), the West (W) and the South (S). 50 four-year old kids each were sampled from each of the 150 villages from NE, 250 villages from W arid 200 villages from S…

Q.9- Q.12. Applicants for the doctoral programmes of Ambi Institute of Engineering (AIE) and Bambi Institute of Engineering (BIE) have to appear for a Common Entrance Test (CET). The test has three sections: Physics (P), Chemistry (C), and Maths (M)…

Q.13- Q.16. Simple Happiness index (SHI) of a country is computed on the basis of three parameters: social support (S), freedom to life choices (F) and corruption perception (C). Each of these three parameters is measured on a scale of 0 to 8 (integers only)… 

Q.17- Q.20. There are 21 employees working in a division, out of whom 10 are special-skilled employees (SE) and the remaining are regular- skilled employees (RE). During the next five months, the division has to complete five projects every month…

Q.21- Q24. In a square layout of size 5m × 5m, 25 equal sized square platforms of different heights are built. The heights (in metres) of individual platforms are as shown below:..

Q.25- Q.28. A new airlines company is planning to start operations in a country. The company has identified ten different cities which they plan to connect through their network to start with…

Q.29- Q. 32. Four cars need to travel from Akala (A) to Bakala (B). Two routes are available, one via Mamur (M) and the other via Nanur (N). The roads from A to M, and from N to B, are both short and narrow. In each case, one car takes 6 minutes to cover the distance…

LRDI - Slot 2

Q.1- Q.4. Funky Pizzaria was required to supply pizzas to three different parties. The total number of pizzas it had to deliver was 800, 70% of which were to be delivered to Party 3 and the rest equally divided between Party 1 and Party 2.

Q.5- Q.8. There were seven elective courses – El to E7 – running in a specific term in a college. Each of the 300 students enrolled had chosen just one elective from among these seven. However, before the start of the term, E7 was withdrawn as the instructor concerned had left the college…

Q.9- Q.12. An old woman had the following assets: (a) Rs. 70 lakh in bank deposits (b) 1 house worth Rs. 50 lakh (c) 3 flats, each worth Rs. 30 lakh (d) Certain number of gold coins, each worth Rs. 1 lakh…

Q.13- Q.16. At a management school, the oldest 10 dorms, numbered 1 to 10, need to be repaired urgently, The following diagram represents the estimated repair costs (in Rs. Crores) for the 10 dorms. For any dorm, the estimated repair cost (in Rs. Crores) is an integer…

Q.17- Q.20. tea taster was assigned to rate teas from six different locations – Munnar, Wayanad, Ooty, Darjeeling, Assam and Himachal. These teas were placed in six cups, numbered 1 to 6, not necessarily in the same order…

Q.21- Q24. In an 8 X 8 chessboard a queen placed anywhere can attack another piece if the piece is present in the same row, or in the same column or in any diagonal position in any possible 4 directions, provided there is no other piece in between in the path from the queen to that piece…

Q.25- Q.28. Eight friends: Ajit, Byomkesh, Gargi, Jayanta, Kikira, Manik, Prodosh and Tapesh are going to Delhi from Kolkata by a flight operated by Cheap Air. In the flight, sitting is arranged in 30 rows, numbered 1 to 30, each consisting of 6 seats, marked by…

Q.29- Q. 32. A high security research lab requires the researchers to set a pass key sequence based on the scan of the five fingers of their left hands. When an employee first joins the lab, her fingers are scanned in an order of her choice, and then when she wants to re-enter the facility, she has to scan the five fingers in the same sequence…

Quantitative Ability - Slot 1

Q.1. Arun’s present age in years is 40% of Barun’s. In another few years, Arun’s age will be half of Barun’s. By what percentage will Barun’s age increase during this period?

Q.2. A person can complete a job in 120 days. He works alone on Day 1. On Day 2, he is joined by another person who also can complete the job in exactly 120 days. On Day 3, they are joined by another person of equal efficiency. Like this, everyday a new person with the same efficiency joins the work. How many days are required to complete the job?

Q.3. An elevator has a weight limit of 630 kg. It is carrying a group of people of whom the heaviest weighs 57 kg and the lightest weighs 53 kg. What is the maximum possible number of people in the group?

Q.4. A man leaves his home and walks at a speed of 12 km per hour, reaching the railway station 10 minutes after the train had departed. If instead he had walked at a speed of 15 km per hour, he would have reached the station 10 minutes before the train’s departure. The distance (in km) from his home to the railway station is

Q.5. Ravi invests 50% of his monthly savings in fixed deposits. Thirty percent of the rest of his savings is invested in stocks and the rest goes into Ravi’s savings bank account. If the total amount deposited by him in the bank (for savings account and fixed deposits) is Rs 59500, then Ravi’s total monthly savings (in Rs) is

Q.6. If a seller gives a discount of 15% on retail price, she still makes a profit of 2%. Which of the following ensures that she makes a profit of 20%?

Q.7. A man travels by a motor boat down a river to his office and back. With the speed of the river unchanged, if he doubles the speed of his motor boat, then his total travel time gets reduced by 75%. The ratio of the original speed of the motor boat to the speed of the river is

Q.8. Suppose, C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 are five companies. The profits made by C1, C2, and C3 are in the ratio 9 : 10 : 8 while the profits made by C2, C4, and C5 are in the ratio 18 : 19 : 20. If C5 has made a profit of Rs 19 crore more than C1, then the total profit (in Rs) made by all five companies is

Q.9. The number of girls appearing for an admission test is twice the number of boys. If 30% of the girls and 45% of the boys get admission, the percentage of candidates who do not get admission is

Q.10. A stall sells popcorn and chips in packets of three sizes: large, super, and jumbo. The numbers of large, super, and jumbo   packets in its stock are in the ratio 7 : 17 : 16 for popcorn and 6 : 15 : 14 for chips. If the total number of popcorn packets in its stock is the same as that of chips packets, then the numbers of jumbo popcorn packets and jumbo chips packets are in the ratio

Q.11. In a market, the price of medium quality mangoes is half that of good mangoes. A shopkeeper buys 80 kg good mangoes and 40 kg medium quality mangoes from the market and then sells all these at a common price which is 10% less than the price at which he bought the good ones. His overall profit is

Q.12. If Fatima sells 60 identical toys at a 40% discount on the printed price, then she makes 20% profit. Ten of these toys are  destroyed in fire. While selling the rest, how much discount should be given on the printed price so that she can make the same amount of profit?

Q.13. If a and b are integers of opposite signs such that (a + 3)^2 : b^2 = 9 : 1 and (a – 1)^2 : (b – 1)^2 = 4 : 1, then the ratio a^2 : b^2 is

Q.14. A class consists of 20 boys and 30 girls. In the mid-semester examination, the average score of the girls was 5 higher than that    of the boys. In the final exam, however, the average score of the girls dropped by 3 while the average score of the entire class increased by 2. The increase in the average score of the boys is

Q.15. The area of the closed region bounded by the equation | x | + | y | = 2 in the two-dimensional plane is

Q.16. From a triangle ABC with sides of lengths 40 ft, 25 ft and 35 ft, a triangular portion GBC is cut off where G is the centroid of ABC. The area, in sq ft, of the remaining portion of triangle ABC is

Q.17. Let ABC be a right-angled isosceles triangle with hypotenuse BC. Let BQC be a semi-circle, away from A, with diameter BC. Let  BPC be an arc of a circle centered at A and lying between BC and BQC. If AB has length 6 cm then the area, in sq cm, of the  region enclosed by BPC and BQC is

Q.18. A solid metallic cube is melted to form five solid cubes whose volumes are in the ratio 1 : 1 : 8: 27: 27. The percentage by which the sum of the surface areas of these five cubes exceeds the surface area of the original cube is nearest to

Q.19. A ball of diameter 4 cm is kept on top of a hollow cylinder standing vertically. The height of the cylinder is 3 cm, while its volume is 9 π cm3. Then the vertical distance, in cm, of the topmost point of the ball from the base of the cylinder is

Q.20. Let ABC be a right-angled triangle with BC as the hypotenuse. Lengths of AB and AC are 15 km and 20 krn, respectively. The minimum possible time, in minutes, required to reach the hypotenuse from A at a speed of 30 km per hour is

Q.21. Suppose, log(base3)x = log(base12)y = a, where x, y are positive numbers. If G is the geometric mean of x and y, and log(base6)G is equal to

Q.22. If x + 1 = x^2 and x > 0, then 2x^4 is


Q.24. If 9^(2x – 1) – 81^(x-1) = 1944, then x is

Q.25. The number of solutions (x, y, z) to the equation x – y – z = 25, where x, y, and z are positive integers such that x ≤ 40, y ≤ 12, and z ≤ 12 is

Q.26. For how many integers n, will the inequality (n – 5) (n – 10) – 3(n – 2) ≤ 0 be satisfied?

Q.27. If f1(x) = x^2 + 11x + n and f2(x) = x, then the largest positive integer n for which the equation f1(x) = f2(x) has two distinct real roots, is

Q.28. If a, b, c, and d are integers such that a + b + c + d = 30, then the minimum possible value of (a – b)^2 + (a – c)^2 + (a – d)^2 is

Q.29. Let AB, CD, EF, GH, and JK be five diameters of a circle with center at O. In how many ways can three points be chosen out of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, and O so as to form a triangle?

Q.30. The shortest distance of the point    from the curve y = |x -1| + |x + 1| is

Q.31. If the square of the 7th term of an arithmetic progression with positive common difference equals the product of the 3rd and 17th terms, then the ratio of the first term to the common difference is

Q.32. In how many ways can 7 identical erasers be distributed among 4 kids in such a way that each kid gets at least one eraser but nobody gets more than 3 erasers?


Q.34. Let a1, a2,……..a3n be an arithmetic progression with a1 = 3 and a2 = 7. If a1 + a2 + ….+a3n = 1830, then what is the smallest positive integer m such that m (a1 + a2 + …. + an ) > 1830?


Quantitative Ability - Slot 2

Q.1. The numbers 1, 2,…, 9 are arranged in a 3 X 3 square grid in such a way that each number occurs once and the entries along each column, each row, and each of the two diagonals add up to the same value. If the top left and the top right entries of the grid are 6 and 2, respectively, then the bottom middle entry is

Q.2. In a 10 km race. A, B, and C, each running at uniform speed, get the gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. If A beats B by  1 km and B beats C by 1 km, then by how many metres does A beat C?

Q.3. Bottle 1 contains a mixture of milk and water in 7 : 2 ratio and Bottle 2 contains a mixture of milk and water in 9 : 4 ratio. In what ratio of volumes should the liquids in Bottle 1 and Bottle 2 be combined to obtain a mixture of milk and water in 3 : 1 ratio?

Q.4. Arun drove from home to his hostel at 60 miles per hour. While returning home he drove half way along the same route at a speed of 25 miles per hour and then took a bypass road which increased his driving distance by 5 miles, but allowed him to  drive at 50 miles per hour along this bypass road. If his return journey took 30 minutes more than his onward journey, then the total distance traveled by him is

Q.5. Out of the shirts produced in a factory, 15% are defective, while 20% of the rest are sold in the domestic market. If the remaining 8840 shirts are left for export, then the number of shirts produced in the factory is

Q.6. The average height of 22 toddlers increases by 2 inches when two of them leave this group. If the average height of these two toddlers is one-third the average height of the original 22, then the average height, in inches, of the remaining 20 toddlers is

Q.7. The manufacturer of a table sells it to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 10%. The wholesale dealer sells the table to a retailer at a profit of 30%. Finally, the retailer sells it to a customer at a profit of 50%. If the customer pays Rs 4290 for the table, then its manufacturing cost (in Rs) is

Q.8. A tank has an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. If the outlet pipe is closed then the inlet pipe fills the empty tank in 8 hours. If the outlet pipe is open then the inlet pipe fills the empty tank in 10 hours. If only the outlet pipe is open then in how many hours the full tank becomes half-full?Q.9. 

Q.9. Mayank buys some candies for Rs 15 a dozen and an equal number of different candies for Rs 12 a dozen. He sells all for Rs 16.50 a dozen and makes a profit of Rs 150. How many dozens of candies did he buy altogether?

Q.10. In a village, the production of food grains increased by 40% and the per capita production of food grains increased by 27% during a certain period. The percentage by which the population of the village increased during the same period is nearest to

Q.11. If a, b, c are three positive integers such that a and b are in the ratio 3 : 4 while b and c are in the ratio 2:1, then which one of the following is a possible value of (a + b + c)?

Q.12. A motorbike leaves point A at 1 pm and moves towards point B at a uniform speed. A car leaves point B at 2 pm and moves towards point A at a uniform speed which is double that of the motorbike. They meet at 3:40 pm at a point which is 168 km away from A. What is the distance, in km, between A and B?

Q.13. Amal can complete a job in 10 days and Bimal can complete it in 8 days. Amal, Bimal and Kamal together complete the job in 4 days and are paid a total amount of Rs 1000 as remuneration. If this amount is shared by them in proportion to their work, then Kamal’s share, in rupees, is

Q.14. Consider three mixtures – the first having water and liquid A in the ratio 1 : 2, the second having water and liquid B in the ratio  1 : 3, and the third having water and liquid C in the ratio 1 : 4. These three mixtures of A, B, and C, respectively, are further  mixed in the proportion 4:3:2. Then the resulting mixture has

Q.15. Let ABCDEF be a regular hexagon with each side of length 1 cm. The area (in sq cm) of a square with AC as one side is 

Q.16. The base of a vertical pillar with uniform cross section is a trapezium whose parallel sides are of lengths 10 cm and 20 cm while the other two sides are of equal length. The perpendicular distance between the parallel sides of the trapezium is 12 cm. If the height of the pillar is 20 cm, then the total area, in sq cm, of all six surfaces of the pillar is

Q.17. The points (2, 5) and (6, 3) are two end points of a diagonal of a rectangle. If the other diagonal has the equation y = 3x + c, then c is

Q.18. ABCD is a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle with centre O. If ∠COD = 120 degrees and ∠BAC = 30 degrees, then the value of ∠BCD (in degrees) is

Q.19. If three sides of a rectangular park have a total length 400 ft, then the area of the park is maximum when the length (in ft) of its longer side is

Q.20. Let P be an interior point of a right-angled isosceles triangle ABC with hypotenuse AB. If the perpendicular distance of P from each of AB, BC, and CA is 4 (√2 – l) cm, then the area, in sq cm, of the triangle ABC is

Q.21. If the product of three consecutive positive integers is 15600 then the sum of the squares of these integers is 

Q.22. If x is a real number such that log(base 3)5 = log(base 5)(2 + x), then which of the following is true?

Q.23. Let f(x) = x^2 and g(x) = 2^x, for all real x. Then the value of f(f(g(x)) + g(f(x))) at x = 1 is

Q.24. The minimum possible value of the sum of the squares of the roots of the equation x^2 + (a + 3)x – (a + 5) = 0 is


Q.26. If log (2^a × 3^b × 5^c) is the arithmetic mean of log (2^2 × 3^3 × 5), log (2^6 × 3 × 5^7), and log(2 × 3^2 × 5^4), then a equals

Q.27. Let a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 be a sequence of five consecutive odd numbers. Consider a new sequence of five consecutive even numbers ending with 2a3.

If the sum of the numbers in the new sequence is 450, then a5 is

Q.28. How many different pairs (a, b) of positive integers are there such that a ≤ b and 1/a + 1/b = 1/9

Q.29. In how many ways can 8 identical pens be distributed among Amal, Bimal, and Kamal so that Amal gets at least 1 pen, Bimal gets at least 2 pens, and Kamal gets at least 3 pens?

Q.30. How many four digit numbers, which are divisible by 6, can be formed using the digits 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, such that no digit is used more than once and 0 does not occur in the left-most position?

Q.31. If f(ab) = f(a)f(b) for all positive integers a and b, then the largest possible value of f(l) is

Q.32. Let f(x) = 2x-5and g(x) = 7-2x. Then |f(x) + g(x)| = |f(x)| + |g(x)| if and only if

Q.33. An infinite geometric progression a1, a2, a3,… has the property that an = 3(a(n+ l) + a(n+2) +….) for every n ≥ 1. If the sum a1 + a2 + a3 +……. = 32, then a5 is


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